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TeachersConnect is the culmination of a teacher’s mission to provide teachers everywhere with the tools for success, growth, and a lasting career in teaching. Dave Meyers, CEO and Co-founder of TeachersConnect, began his 25 years in K-12 education as an elementary and middle school teacher. His success teaching writing in classrooms throughout the country led him to experiment with education technology tools for teachers. Dave saw the power of emerging technologies to connect people personally and professionally, and was determined to give teachers a dedicated space to collaborate and grow.

The TeachersConnect team he brought together is a collection of teachers and ed-tech leaders focused on the unshakable belief that teachers possess the passion, experience, and skills to drive student success. TeachersConnect creates tools to ensure every teacher has the support and resources to thrive in the classroom.


TeachersConnect is an online community that gives Pre K-12 teachers a safe place to ask questions, share stories, and collaborate with other teachers to solve real-life problems in their classrooms today.

On TeachersConnect, Pre K-12 teachers can connect with others who teach similar grades and subjects as them, and reconnect with alumni from their teacher preparation program. Teachers are recognized and appreciated in this community for asking great questions, giving thoughtful answers, and sharing their work with others. TeachersConnect can be accessed through any device: computer, tablet, and smartphone.

How TeachersConnect Works

TeachersConnect works by hosting a shared online space where teachers can post ideas, stories, and resources for other teachers to view, comment, and collaborate on. This space also includes a place to ask and answer questions. Finally, TeachersConnect links teachers who teach similar grades and subjects, and reconnects members who are alumni from the same teacher preparation program. These connections allow teachers to grow their network, participate in private and group messages, and understand how they’ve impacted the community. Learn more by visiting our Teacher Website.

How to Join TeachersConnect

TeachersConnect is perfect for any Pre K-12 teacher, and those who prepare, support, and empower them in the classroom. Become a member of TeachersConnect by going to and clicking “Sign up”.

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