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February Teachers of the Month

February’s top post was from Megan Forbes: To Start We All Want Better. It begins:

“In the introduction, Cornelius Minor writes, “No matter what drew us to teaching or how we got here, we all have a few things in common. To start, we all want better.”
What is something you want to make better for your students? Did you have negative experiences in school that you want to rectify with your teaching? Or maybe you had great teachers and you want to give back and make sure your students get those same opportunities. What is the main thing you are trying to improve in the school system/your school/your community/your classroom/society in general with your teaching?”

Join Megan’s Book Club conversation! 

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January Teachers of the Month

January was another record-shattering month on TeachersConnect. We had record numbers of new members, questions, posts, and responses! Thanks to all the great teachers that make TC a safe, lively and interactive place for teachers to discuss ideas and find their teacher soulmates. Follow them on TeachersConnect! Click on the links below to join the conversations and follow these amazing educators who are taking “Say Goodbye to Teaching as a Solo Activity” to heart.

The 3 top posts of the month for January were:

  1. Introductions by Megan Forbes in the Megan’s Book Club community
  2. Third Year Teacher Burnout by Summer Hayward
  3. How do I get a student to TRY?! by Seth Lehman-Martin

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December Teachers of the Month

The December posts with the most engagement saw dozens of teachers rallying around colleagues facing major issues or big questions. One teacher was defeated and burned-out. Fellow TC teachers commiserated, provided hope, and shared coping mechanisms. The teacher was heartened and expressed tremendous gratitude for the support. Click here for post. Another teacher, facing a custody hearing, got great insight and comfort from other teachers who had faced that experience. Click here for post. A third teacher sought guidance on choosing social media platforms to connect with and engage with inspiring and innovative teachers. Click here for post.

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November Teachers of the Month!

November Teachers of the Month

While every teacher on TeachersConnect makes an ongoing contribution to the success of the Community, we want to recognize the Superstars who go above and beyond to make TeachersConnect a safe, informative, and joyful place for teachers. These people have made TeachersConnect their own. We’ve watched with great admiration as these teachers from around the world have graciously inspired and supercharged one-another. They’ve helped others through difficult times, stepped up with timely resources, energized each other when they were down, and shared fun and entertaining ideas. Below, we’ve compiled lists of the top contributors in three categories that make TeachersConnect vibrant, valuable, and useful for you. Continue reading November Teachers of the Month