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ShiftThis Edchat

Interview with Our Upcoming “Live” EdChat Moderators

Don’t miss out on our first ever “Live” Discussion on TeachersConnect!

A different kind of edchat.

When: Monday, September 17th 2018 at 8:00 pm EST

Where: TeachersConnect Community  

Topic: Can Student-directed Learning Have a Massive Impact on Your Students?

Moderated by #ShiftThis author, Joy Kirr, and TeachersConnect CEO, Dave Meyers.

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Find Me A Soulmate!

The surprising key to personalized learning FOR TEACHERS

“It doesn’t seem to matter where you are or what group you study, you get a very similar picture of informal adult learning. Informal learning just seems to be a very normal, very natural human activity… People are spending 15 hours a week at it on average, and yet it’s not talked about, it’s not recognized, it’s sort of ignored or invisible.”

– Dr. Allen Tough, The Iceberg of Informal Adult Learning

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Spotlight Teacher: Cindy Arevalo

Congrats to Cindy Arevalo, our May Teacher Spotlight honoree!

Cindy is a high school English teacher in Glen Burnie, MD and has been an outstanding member of our community.  We wanted everyone to have a chance to know more about what got her to where she is today, the work she does, and what she’s passionate about – so we had Kristen Fraine, our Community Coordinator and fellow teacher, interview her to learn more.

Here’s a look at an interview we did with Cindy – and a question we have for you all to jump in on at the end:

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