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Reaching Every Learner During School Closures

“I MUST reach all my students.”

In the midst of a global pandemic teachers are desperate to reach students with limited access to technology and students with specific learning needs.

TeachersConnect brought together four powerful teacher experts to share how they’re currently doing it. Each teacher shared activities and techniques they’re using with their students every day–and then took questions from the audience to help them take the technique to their own classrooms. In the words of one attendee: 

“You just made my teaching day…I can do this!”

See the highlight video below, or login at https://www.teachersconnect.online/ to view the entire webinar series for free.

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Mellissa and Reaching Every Student

7 Powerful Ways to Reach Every Student in Your Classroom

An Age Old Question

As most teachers know, each student is unique. One of the biggest challenges that every teacher faces at one point or another is how to reach every student and help them succeed. This is exactly the question TeachersConnect asked several teacher YouTubers recently. And while their backgrounds varied widely – from CJ Reynolds, who teaches High School students – to Elizabeth Coller, who teaches kindergarteners – some consistent patterns emerged in their answers to this age-old question. Here are some of the top 7 takeaways for how teachers can reach every student. Continue reading 7 Powerful Ways to Reach Every Student in Your Classroom