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Community Manager: Brains and Brawn of TeachersConnect

Laura Sanzone

If you’ve visited the TeachersConnect community lately, you’ve definitely benefitted from the contributions of Laura Sanzone, TeachersConnect Community Manager (CM). At the risk of “going overboard” with metaphors, the role of CM is to be triage specialist, caretaker, navigator, and pioneer. The CM uses brains and brawn to ensure that the conversations and people meet the needs of TeachersConnect members at every step of the new teacher journey: tests, licensure, the job search, and early-career classroom success.

After nine years of teaching 1st and 3rd grade in Maryland, Laura started teaching at Loyola University Maryland, where she taught a range of elementary methods courses and supervised teacher candidates during their teaching internships in Baltimore-area schools. Laura currently works in DC Public Schools as an Early Literacy Specialist. While she’s passionate about almost everything related to teaching, you’ll find it particularly easy to get her opinions on:

  • Equity issues in Education
  • Restorative practices as a model to grow a positive and inclusive classroom community
  • New teacher induction
  • Teacher wellness

We’ve known Laura for almost five years now, and we’re pretty sure we’re not the first educators to understand that she is an absolute powerhouse—thoughtful, analytic, committed, and unstoppable.

Welcome, Laura. We’re so glad you’ve chosen to share your approachability, energy, and straight up knowledge with the educators of TeachersConnect.

Community Leaders: Heart and Soul of TeachersConnect

2021 CLs

Get to Know Your TC Community Leaders!

Community Leaders are practicing full-time teachers who stand out as hubs of energy in the TeachersConnect (TC) community—and whose students are really freakin’ lucky to have such creative educators. Their job in TC is to ask questions, share strategies, encourage conversation, and make sure no question goes unanswered. Oh, how I wish this group was there for me for my first class of fifth graders. ?

Candace Williams

Community Leader_Candace Williams

Primary grades reading specialist and certified teacher. Teacherpreneur. Influencer. Lover of all things beautiful from Detroit, Michigan. Over a decade in the classroom.

“I’m like a normal reading teacher, but much cooler. As an influencer on social media and co-talk show host on The Teachers’ Lounge Talk Show, my goal is to be an advocate for early literacy.”

Jennifer Bond

Community Leader_Jennifer Bond

1st and 2nd grade teacher. Vlogger. Provider of “cat sanctuary.” Central Missouri. Over a decade in the classroom.

“I LOVE teaching my little pineapples and also love to connect with other teachers in person and on social media”

Melissa Clarke

Community Leader_Melissa Clarke

Over 15 years experience teaching primary grades, talented YouTuber, Ontario, Canada.

“I’m excited to be a part of this online community and I look forward to learning a lot as well as share some of my knowledge and experiences.”

Ta’Stacia Covington

Community leader_Ta'Stacia Covington

2nd decade teaching primary grades, halfway through doctorate in Educational Leadership. North Carolina.

I am very passionate about early education and the education of minority children.”

Wandiza Williams

Community Leader_Wandiza Williams

Over a decade teaching upper elementary. National Board Certified in Literacy for grades 3 – 8, Bronx, NY.

“I am passionate about getting the right books in the hands of children, and turning them on to reading. In addition, I am committed to anti-racist, social justice teaching, and elevating the voices of marginalized people.”

You too can become a Community Leader!

These incredible educators became Community Leaders because of the power of their posts and the impact they make on other others in the TeachersConnect community. Join the TeachersConnect Community and be a thoughtful questioner, frequent commenter, and insightful poster, and you, too, could land the best teacher side gig out there.

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Two Webinars for De-stressing You and Your Students as You Prep for the New School Year

Chill Ooouuut…

It was a tough spring and the new school year promises to continue to put teachers and learners to the test. 

Breathe. Stretch. Treat yourself right. You got this…and we got YOU! Sign up today for two webinars designed to help you start the new school year with strategies for you and your students.

Webinar 1: From Chaos to Calm – Yoga and Mindfulness for You and Your Students

Using the best yoga and mindfulness tools, learn to navigate whatever the fall might look like! Kids’ yogi, recording artist, and mindfulness expert Bari Koral is beloved for her casual and fun approaches to creating peace and calm in the classroom. And for this session, she’ll be joined by Gab Lemon, a classroom teacher who’s been using the techniques with her students. She’ll share her view “from the trenches.”

Ready for something magical in your pocket, like a quick mindfulness technique to get you ready for the next class? Join us.

Want to learn a great yoga break kids love to use to burn off some energy and come right back to focus? Bari will share tools that you can incorporate instantly to help create a magical discipline in your in-person or virtual classroom. She will also share 5 techniques you can use to calm anxiety in minutes. You’ll leave with amazing new tools for your toolbox, and you’ll be ready to support your students (and yourself) when you get back to the “classroom.”

Please bring some colored markers or pencils for one of Bari’s favorite mindfulness games that can bring calm in literally seconds.


           Bari Koral                                                  Gab Lemon

Join us and get a “Grab and Go” strategy to…chill.

Educators only, please: teachers, student teachers, paraprofessionals, building and district leaders.

Wednesday, July 15th, 7:00 – 8:00 EDT.


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Reaching Every Learner During School Closures

“I MUST reach all my students.”

In the midst of a global pandemic teachers are desperate to reach students with limited access to technology and students with specific learning needs.

TeachersConnect brought together four powerful teacher experts to share how they’re currently doing it. Each teacher shared activities and techniques they’re using with their students every day–and then took questions from the audience to help them take the technique to their own classrooms. In the words of one attendee: 

“You just made my teaching day…I can do this!”

See the highlight video below, or login at https://www.teachersconnect.online/ to view the entire webinar series for free.

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