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And the July Teachers of the Month are …

Starting in July, TeachersConnect (TC) is recognizing the top six “Terrifically Trendy Teachers” (those who submitted the most engaging posts of the month) with a modest “recognition” gift card. We provide this recognition for the positive impact these posts have on the entire TC community. Engaging posts like these are the lifeblood of TeachersConnect and are critical to the health and success of the community. The gift card is a symbol of our appreciation of your contributions. You’re making a direct and enduring impact on the skill, confidence, and joy of TC teachers throughout the world.

Initially, we are awarding the recognition gift card to the top 6 trending posts as follows:

– $50 each to the top 2 teachers
– $25 each to the next 4 teachers

The top six are highlighted below in italics. If you’d like to share your thoughts on this experiment, send a note with your feedback and ideas.

Here they are, your Teachers of the Month for July! Click on the links below to join the discussions and follow these leaders.

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Find Me A Soulmate!

The surprising key to personalized learning FOR TEACHERS

“It doesn’t seem to matter where you are or what group you study, you get a very similar picture of informal adult learning. Informal learning just seems to be a very normal, very natural human activity… People are spending 15 hours a week at it on average, and yet it’s not talked about, it’s not recognized, it’s sort of ignored or invisible.”

– Dr. Allen Tough, The Iceberg of Informal Adult Learning

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