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TeachersConnect makes seeking and sharing information incredibly easy. Being able to easily post my thoughts, resources, ideas reminds me that I do have a lot to share with other educators.

Adrianna Caton, Instructional Coach


I’m so relieved to have found TeachersConnect. I get advice from experienced teachers whenever I need it! I’m feeling confident with the TC community at my side.

Abhishek Diwan, Online Math Teacher

Frequently asked questions

Is Teachers Connect really free?

Yes, your TC account will always be free. Ask as many questions as you want, follow anyone you find interesting, and search for solutions for free forever.

Is TeachersConnect just for educators?

Yes, TC is exclusively for prospective and practicing teachers and those who prepare, support and empower them.

How does TeachersConnect ensure there are no trolls in the community?

Members are required to enter their full names. TC monitors posts and comments and blocks negative content and accounts with suspicious profiles or controversial agendas. TC allows anonymous posts so you can ask sensitive questions, but we do not allow not anonymous comments.

How much do I need to share about myself?

All you need to set up an account is your name and a valid email address. While we encourage you to share your teaching experience and a profile picture, it is not required. You can share more about yourself as you become more comfortable with the community.

Why don't I just Google my question?

Answers you find on the Internet and on other platforms are often from people trying to sell you something or with ulterior motives. While we love teachers on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it’s much easier to find answers on TeachersConnect. Turn to TC when you’re looking for a more serious discussion of solutions to your daily challenges. There are other great resources available for teachers, but they are usually making recommendations without understanding your situation or allowing you to ask specific questions.

Can I promote my teacher side hustle on TeachersConnect?

No, but teachers can post about free resources related to teaching. You can also share a description of your business and include a link to your website in your profile. If you contribute strong content, people will visit your profile and find links to your website or blog.

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