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Bring confidence and calm to your faculty.

Remote learning… You’ve got to provide immediate professional development to your K-12 faculty–so they’re ready for distance or hybrid learning for 2020-2021. The PD you provide must be quick, practical, scalable, standards-aligned, and easy-to-implement. We hear from teachers every day: I don’t want a consultant right now. I want to learn from teachers with RECENT remote learning success. 


“Biggest PD Opportunity in Generations”

TeachersConnect “Grab and Grow” Courses

TeachersConnect “Grab and Grow” is a new online learning community where teachers take courses designed and vetted by other experienced teachers. After all, at the moment, teachers are the only ones with real experience with the sudden switch to online instruction. The courses are:

Quick and Convenient

10-30 minutes per micro-course—at a teacher’s convenience.

Easy to Implement

Techniques that help teachers solve meaningful instructional challenges right away.


Topics that address teachers’ biggest instructional challenges.


Courses are designed, instructed, and vetted by teachers.

Sample Courses

An innovative crew of teachers is at work right now designing the exact courses your teachers need to provide an equitable experience that CLOSES gaps.

A simple–and free–technique to get students collaborating on assignments, sharing feedback on each other’s work, and building relationships with each other while using academic vocabulary and meeting the standards.

It’s time for us as teachers to identify the inherent biases in our classrooms, our schools, and in the country. It’s time for us to recognize that figurative knees to the throat do as much damage over time as literal knees to the throat. Think big, start small, start today.

There’s no better time than now–with a hybrid school model–to take advantage of the opportunities of project-based learning. If you’re nervous about giving up control, and if you’re looking for strategies to help students follow their interests and passions–while still meeting the state standards–this is your course.

It’s tough to read facial expressions and body language; you can’t assign exit tickets on scrap paper; and you’re not sure how to get students “come to the board” to circle a key term. But there’s so much you CAN do–spontaneously or with a touch of planning–to get an immediate sense of what students are learning from your lessons. Join us.

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