TeachersConnect General

I forgot my password

If you forget your password, you can still access TeachersConnect after a few simple steps.

1. On the TC login page, click ‘Sign In,’ and if you type an incorrect password or leave the password blank, you will see the Help banner in the image below.

2. Click ‘Need help?’.


3. Type in your email.

4. Click ‘Reset.’ This will send an email to you with a link to reset your password for TC.

Note: If you do not receive the password reset email within a few minutes, or do not remember which email you set up your TC account with, try another email. In the event you still do not receive the password reset email, you should create a new TC account. Return to teachersconnect.online and click ‘Sign Up.’


5. In the email, click ‘Reset Password.’


6. Finally, type your new password in both fields, and click ‘Reset.’


You’ll know your change was successful when you see this message on your screen:

How do I change my password?

If you would like to change your password, you can do so any time you’re logged in to TeachersConnect by going to your Profile. Click ‘Edit Profile’ (see below).

Then, click ‘Edit’ next to the Personal Information section.

Finally, type your new password into the Change Password field, and click ‘Save.’

You’ll know your change was successful when you see this banner on your screen:

Setting the Audience of Your Posts

If you belong to a teacher community on TeachersConnect, then you can post solely to that community using the “Audience” button. Your post will only appear to the people who belong to that community.
  1. Click the “Audience” button under the text box
  2. Click the community select drop down menu
  3. Choose your desired community
Note: If you do not use the “Audience” button, then your post or question will appear to the entire TeachersConnect Community.

Who is responsible for “bad” information or advice on TC?

We do not judge what is good vs. bad advice or information. TeachersConnect is a community for teachers that encourages discussion and the consideration of a range of ideas. What each teacher does with ideas or content they get from the site is his or her responsibility. Our philosophy is that uncovering “bad” information and having a healthy, positive, evidence-based discussion about it, results in a powerful learning experience–and is much better than disseminating “bad” information without any discussion.

We also recognize that there are very few absolute truths in teaching and learning, and we urge community members to be more curious than critical and to consider perspective, different classroom characteristics, and varied personal interests when joining a conversation.

If you see a post that you believe includes misinformation, we encourage you to respond to it by being positive, respectful, asking questions, and working hard to turn the discussion into a learning experience for you, the initial poster, and anyone else who is following along.

Can I post copyrighted materials?

You are responsible for all material you post, including to the extent you do not have the right to use such material. TeachersConnect is not responsible, and you are required to indemnify and hold TeachersConnect harmless for, any liability related to your unauthorized materials.

Is it okay to post files, photos, or videos that include students or their names?

No. Files, photos, and videos that include students or their names are “personally identifiable information” as defined in the Family and Educations Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Any information that could link possibly to a specific student should not be posted without the consent of the students and/or guardians involved.

If you would like to post student work to receive feedback from colleagues, make sure to remove or block names or any other information that could identify the author (eg. Names of siblings in a personal narrative, addresses, events).

When sharing photos and videos with the community, do not show student faces without student and/or guardian permission. If needed, you may show the backs of students’ heads at a distance or digitally block student faces.

For more information, please review the FERPA Guidelines: https://www2.ed.gov/policy/gen/guid/fpco/ferpa/index.html

Can I post anonymously?

You can ask questions anonymously by hitting the “Contribute” icon, creating a question, selecting the “Privacy” button, and choosing to “Publish Anonymously”. When you do so, the question cannot be traced back to the asker by anybody in the community. The purpose of this is to give you a way to ask questions that you might be nervous about asking publically. Note: Answers to anonymous questions are not anonymous.

Why can’t I see my teacher preparation program on TeachersConnect?

One of the goals of TeachersConnect is to help Teacher Prep Programs create lasting relationships with alumni. If you don’t see a community for your Teacher Prep Program, it is because your program is not yet one of our partners. If you want to let your teacher preparation program know that you’d like to see them on TeachersConnect, reach out to them!