Community Manager: Brains and Brawn of TeachersConnect

Laura Sanzone

If you’ve visited the TeachersConnect community lately, you’ve definitely benefitted from the contributions of Laura Sanzone, TeachersConnect Community Manager (CM). At the risk of “going overboard” with metaphors, the role of CM is to be triage specialist, caretaker, navigator, and pioneer. The CM uses brains and brawn to ensure that the conversations and people meet the needs of TeachersConnect members at every step of the new teacher journey: tests, licensure, the job search, and early-career classroom success.

After nine years of teaching 1st and 3rd grade in Maryland, Laura started teaching at Loyola University Maryland, where she taught a range of elementary methods courses and supervised teacher candidates during their teaching internships in Baltimore-area schools. Laura currently works in DC Public Schools as an Early Literacy Specialist. While she’s passionate about almost everything related to teaching, you’ll find it particularly easy to get her opinions on:

  • Equity issues in Education
  • Restorative practices as a model to grow a positive and inclusive classroom community
  • New teacher induction
  • Teacher wellness

We’ve known Laura for almost five years now, and we’re pretty sure we’re not the first educators to understand that she is an absolute powerhouse—thoughtful, analytic, committed, and unstoppable.

Welcome, Laura. We’re so glad you’ve chosen to share your approachability, energy, and straight up knowledge with the educators of TeachersConnect.