May Teachers of the Month – Going Global

In May, we saw the TeachersConnect online community continue to grow, with participation from teachers in all 50 of the United States and more than 60 countries across the globe. Talk about getting diverse perspectives! Among of Teachers of the Month are international teachers like Tinie from Borneo and our long-time friends Volkan from Turkey and Tracy from Australia. In May, 22% of our participants were from outside the US. The top 15 counties after the US are Australia, Canada, Turkey, United Kingdom, South Africa, India, Nigeria, Jamaica, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Brunei, Ukraine, Spain, Philippines, and Malaysia. Welcome to the nearly 2,000 new teachers that have joined since May 1st! Thanks to everyone for your insights and professionalism!

Here they are, your Teachers of the Month for May! Click on the links below to join the discussions and follow these leaders.

Top Terrifically Trendy Teachers!

These teachers’ questions and posts got the most views in May.

  1. Generia Vaugh, 4th Grade Reading, Lousiana 
  2. LaTawnya Robinson, 3rd Grade, California 
  3. Nia Payne, 7th Grade Science & Spanish, Georgia 
  4. Ayla Duve, 7th & 8th Grade Science 
  5. Lydia D’Angelo, 1st Grade, North Carolina 
  6. Tinie Bakar, Math & Additional Maths, Borneo 
  7. Heather Sinkinson, Geometry, Algebra, and Special Education, Oklahoma
  8. Amber Weintraub, 6th Grade Social Studies, South Carolina 
  9. Eleanore Ryan, 6th Grade ELA & Science, Maryland 

Top Powerfully Prolific Posters

These teachers contributed the most combined posts and questions in May.

  1. Volkan Iner, 5th and 6th-grade English, ESL, Manisa, Turkey 
  2. Generia Vaugh, 4th Grade Reading, Lousiana 
  3. LaTawnya Robinson,3rd Grade, California 
  4. Daisy Copeland, Preschool, Early Childhood Education, New York 
  5. Jennifer Bond, 2nd Grade, Missouri 
  6. Stephen Carr, higher than 12th-grade Mathematics 
  7. David Kaser, 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Grade STEM 
  8. Ta’stacia Covington, Preschool, Kindergarten All Elementary Subjects, North Carolina
  9. T’ericka Perry, Elementary, Maryland

Top Ridiculously Resourceful Responders

These teachers posted the most combined Answers and Comments in May.

  1. Jennifer Bond, 2nd Grade, Missouri 
  2. Ta’Stacia Covington, Pre-K, North Carolina 
  3. Tracy Williams, 3rd and 4th year, All Elementary Subjects, Australia 
  4. Katrina Kay Velasco, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Special Education, California 
  5. Ayla Duve, 7th & 8th Science
  6. Daisy Copeland, Preschool, Early Childhood Education, New York 
  7. LaTawnya Robinson, 3rd Grade All Subjects, California 
  8. Generia Vaugh, 4th Grade Reading, Louisiana 
  9. David Kaser, 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Grade STEM 
  10. T’ericka Perry, Elementary, Maryland

While every teacher on TeachersConnect makes an ongoing contribution to the success of the Community, we want to recognize these Superstars who go above and beyond to make TeachersConnect a safe, informative, and joyful place for teachers. These people have made TeachersConnect their own. We’ve watched with great admiration as these teachers from around the world have graciously inspired and supercharged one-another. They’ve helped others through difficult times, stepped up with timely resources, energized each other when they were down, and shared fun and entertaining ideas. Follow them on TeachersConnect!

We are grateful to each of you! “Thank You” from the community for the May Teachers of the Month!

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