The Stories that Keep Us Going

Thank you so much to all of the teachers who submitted #TeacherHero stories as part of Teacher Appreciation Week.  We read stories of mentorship, perseverance, inspiration, flexibility, and unwavering belief. The stories truly showcased the many ways teachers impact the lives of their students and each other.

Here are a few of the wonderful stories, or, you can read them all by searching #TeacherHero on TeachersConnect.

Teachers Helping Teachers
” I Felt A True Joy for Learning”

Congratulations to Generia Vaughn, Dara Rodriguez, Rachael Childers,  Randi Wolfson, Daisy Copelin, and T’Ericka Perry,  who each won $100 during Teacher Appreciation week for either joining the TeachersConnect community or sharing #TeacherHero stories.

Your actions show your belief and commitment to teachers supporting teachers. We hope to see you back on TeachersConnect again soon!