Coming Soon! A Homepage Designed For You

TeachersConnect Is Excited to Announce…

The TeachersConnect team has been busy putting the finishing touches on a brand new homepage experience. This journey started when an unprecedented number of teachers told us that what they really wanted was to see just the posts that matter for them, front and center when they log in.  Our team took that precious idea and started brainstorming, designing, and testing. What we came up with is a brand new TeachersConnect homepage that is customized for each and every teacher.

Posts That Matter to You

The new TeachersConnect homepage design uses rows of different types of posts to show you what matters the most and save you time. Here are the initial rows:

The Latest Posts

Stay up to date with the latest. The latest posts row will showcase the most recent resources, ideas, and questions to help you stay on top of the here and now.

New Posts From Your Communities

Are you part of a special teacher community on TeachersConnect yet? The new homepage will help you stay up to date! If you have joined either a public or a private teacher community on TeachersConnect you will see the latest posts from each of your special communities as a row on the new homepage.

Posts From Teachers You Respect

We are making it even easier to see the posts by the teachers you follow. See the latest posts from your connections right on the homepage in the “Your Connections” row!

Popular Posts

We can’t predict which posts will receive the most comments, helpfuls, and views, but we can show you the most popular posts so you can learn from them. See the questions with the most answers, the resources that have been most helpful, and the conversations that everyone wants to check out in the popular posts row.

An Answer for Every Question

We believe that every teacher who asks a question deserves an insightful answer. To make this dream a reality we have created the unanswered questions row. See the questions that have yet to be answered right on the homepage, and if you have a moment, answer a question for someone in need of your expertise.

Get Excited

We are incredibly excited about all of the ways the new homepage will show you the best resources, questions, and answers on TeachersConnect. Stay tuned for the launch announcement!