November Teachers of the Month!

November Teachers of the Month

While every teacher on TeachersConnect makes an ongoing contribution to the success of the Community, we want to recognize the Superstars who go above and beyond to make TeachersConnect a safe, informative, and joyful place for teachers. These people have made TeachersConnect their own. We’ve watched with great admiration as these teachers from around the world have graciously inspired and supercharged one-another. They’ve helped others through difficult times, stepped up with timely resources, energized each other when they were down, and shared fun and entertaining ideas. Below, we’ve compiled lists of the top contributors in three categories that make TeachersConnect vibrant, valuable, and useful for you.

Top 8 Terrifically Trendy Teachers!

Posted tons of terribly tantalizing tidbits! (These teachers’ questions and posts got the most views in November.)

  1. Ta’Stacia Covington, Pre-K, North Carolina 
  2. Fernanda Sandoval, 1st Grade, California
  3. Devontae Kelley, 1st Grade, Tennessee
  4. Tracy Williams, 3rd & 4th, Melbourne, Australia
  5. Nao Yoneda, Kindergarten, Tokyo, Japan
  6. Jennifer Bond, 2nd Grade, Missouri
  7. Sharai Gulley, Pre-K, Arizona
  8. Jayla Brinkworth

Top 7 Powerfully Prolific Posters 

Parlayed particularly provocative posts into professional and personal progress. (These teachers contributed the most combined posts and questions in November.)

  1. Stephanie Karcz, Maryland
  2. Megan Forbes, Middle School English and History, California
  3. Volkan INER, 5 – 12th, English, ESL, Turkey
  4. Harin Wickremasinghe
  5. Fernanda Sandoval, 1st Grade, California
  6. Michael Hislop, Teacher Candidate, Maryland
  7. Maria Hagen, Teacher Candidate, Maryland

Top 8 Ridiculously Resourceful Responders

Wrote a robust round-up of real, remarkable, and even resuscitative responses to others’ questions and posts. (These teachers posted the most combined Answers and Comments.)

  1. Laura Alpaugh, PDS Faculty at Loyola University Maryland
  2. Jennifer Bond, 2nd Grade, Missouri
  3. Nao Yoneda, Kindergarten, Tokyo, Japan
  4. Ta’Stacia Covington, Pre-K, North Carolina
  5. Tracy Williams, 3rd & 4th, Melbourne, Australia
  6. Megan Forbes, 6-8th History and English, California
  7. T’Ericka Perry, Kindergarten & 3rd grade, Maryland
  8. Alexa Del Piano, Elementary Art Teacher Intern, Maryland


We are grateful to each of you! Going forward, look for monthly updates (And, perhaps, your name!), starting with this huge “Thank You” from the community for the November Teachers of the Month!


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