Create Deeper Connections with “Conversations”

You asked, we listened. Now you can chat with your TC colleagues in real time!

The promise of TeachersConnect has always been to allow you to develop deeper and more meaningful professional relationships than existing social media and professional learning sites. The new “Conversations” messaging feature helps you do just that.

Have a one-to-one conversation with your favorite TC friend or create a small private group chat with your squad. The possibilities are endless:

  • Set up a time to meet for coffee
  • Collaborate on projects with your grade-level team or department
  • Share feedback or compare notes on private or sensitive matters
  • Ask follow-up questions unique to your situation
  • Exchange email addresses or phone numbers

The conversations feature also allows you to chat in real-time with up to 20 teachers while you are logged into the community.

This is our first iteration of “Conversations”; stay tuned for additional functionality. We’d love any feedback or suggestions, and definitely let us know if you find anything that doesn’t seem right as we continue to make improvements.