Back-to-School Survival Guide: Part One – Your Classroom

TeachersConnect’s Back-to-School Survival Guide is a 4-part series that deals with common topics most teachers face in their first few weeks of school.

A group of experienced teachers reviewed relevant scholastic papers, searched their personal resources and combed through TeachersConnect and online content to provide you with a concise guide full of valuable back-to-school resources, just for you!

In our Back-to-School Survival Guide we start with how to setup your classroom for success. We’ll help answer the question: How do I use proven research, artistry, and systems engineering to arrange the physical space of the classroom to match my learning goals for the students?

Part One of the Back-to-School Survival Guide covers the following topics with suggestions for elementary to high school classrooms:

  • What Are the Best Seating Arrangements?
  • 6 Brilliant Ways to Use Your Classroom Space
  • Create Your Best Learning Environment Without Breaking the Bank
  • Arranging Desks With a Purpose

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