Creating Engaging Posts!

Well designed posts receive far more views, comments, and activity on TeachersConnect. To ensure your posts don’t get passed over, follow these simple guidelines and check out the example below!

  1. Does an ugly robot appear next to all of your posts? Get rid of that thing by uploading a profile photo. Go to your profile, click edit profile, and edit your personal information to change your photo. Teachers will be much more likely to pay attention to your smiling face than an ugly robot!
  2. Title your post. Use the ‘Title Button’ or put your title in Bold to tell teachers what your post is about right off the bat.
  3. Break up large chunks of text with line breaks, quotes, lists, or bullets.
  4. Upload a photo! What’s the saying: “A photo is worth a thousand words”? Spice up your post with an image that relates to it.
  5. Include a document. Teachers love resources! If you have a resource to go with your post include it.

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