New Ways to Connect and Stay Connected

New Ways to Connect

On TeachersConnect, all teachers can make a difference by collaborating with each other, regardless of location and experience. Your questions get answered, and your ideas get heard.

Every day, we strive to provide the tools and features that help you connect with the teachers who can help you improve. In the newest update, here’s what you’ll find:

What’s New


You told us that you want to “find your pack” and keep them close. We’ve given you a way to follow—and be followed. This allows you to keep your most valued colleagues in one place, as well as a way to access their posts any time. Seeing whom others follow gives you a chance to connect with awesome new teachers.

Visit a member’s profile by clicking on her or his name within a post, question, comment, or answer. Click the “Follow” button next to the profile photo. This person will receive a notification—and a signal from you that her or his contributions are great. When you go into your profile and click “Following,” you’ll see this person on your list. Click “Following” to see the teachers you follow.

Impact Statistics

On TeachersConnect, you get noticed. We’ve crafted a way for you to see your impact on other teachers every day. In the new impact section of your profile, you can now see how many people have marked your contributions as “Helpful.” This gives you insight into the impact you’re making in the community—as well as the motivation to keep contributing ideas, stories, and answers.

Click the “Menu” button on the top right corner of the page and then click the “Profile” button. Under your name and photo, you will see a box with the “Helpful” thumbs-up icon in it. Next to that, it will tell you how many teachers have marked your contributions as “Helpful.”

Activity Statistics

You can now view community activity statistics about other teachers: date joined, last activity, number of people following, number of followers, and total number of contributions to the community. Along with the bio and information about where and what they teach, the activity statistics give you another way to get to know your colleagues.

Visit a member’s profile by clicking on her or his name within a post, question, comment, or answer. These statistics are listed throughout their profile.

We’re Never Done

Every day, we design and develop new ways for you to find the best source of teacher professional development out there—other teachers. Soon, you can expect even more powerful ways to connect with people and conversations relevant to you.

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If you have submitted feature requests or given our team feedback in other ways, thank you! Keep the suggestions coming!

To stay on top of new features, visit our new features page, which is updated with every new release.