New Features

The newest features of TeachersConnect are listed below. Do you have questions about how to use TeachersConnect? Or do you want to suggest a new feature? Choose a contact form to send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Released 08/21/19

  1. Popular Topics
    The homepage now lists topics that might be of interest so educators can find great conversations on the things that matter.

    • Click a topic to see posts on the topic.
    • Click “all topics” to browse the full list of popular topics on TeachersConnect.

Released 08/19/19

  1. Following Posts
    Educators can “Follow” a post or question they are interested in by pressing the “Follow” button on a post or question.

    • “Following” means the educator will get email and in-app notifications about new comments or answers to the post or question they are following.
    • Educators can also “Unfollow” a post by pressing the “Unfollow” button on a post they are following.

Released 04/01/19

  1. New Homepage
    When an educator first signs in they are now on a homepage with rows of posts for each of the communities they belong to.
  2. Side Scrolling
    Each community row on the homepage displays posts that can be scrolled through from side to side using the arrows.

Released 10/25/18

  1. Private Messages
    Educators can now create private message threads with individuals or groups within TeachersConnect.

Released 08/23/18

  1. Search Relevancy
    Search results are now automatically sorted by relevancy.

Released 07/05/18

  1. YouTube Embedding
    You can now embed YouTube videos directly into your post by publishing a link to YouTube in your post content.

    • Watch this video to learn how to post YouTube videos on TeachersConnect!
    • Your YouTube link must include the http://www. before the rest of the link. Here is an example of the correct link format:[ID NUM HERE]
    • Note: You cannot publish images in the same post as a YouTube video.
  2. Delete Comments
    If you leave a comment on a post you now have the option to delete it later from the options menu next to the comment.
  3. Edit Published Comments
    If you leave a comment on a post you now have the option to edit it later from the options menu next to the comment.

Released 06/28/18:

  1. Editing Posts/Questions
    Authors can now edit their posts/questions using the Options menu on the single item view.
  2. Bug Fixes/Minor Changes
    Fixed display issues related to the previous release.

Released 06/14/18:

  1. Clickable Buttons in the Feed (NEW)
    The ‘Helpful’ button and the ‘Same Here’ button are now clickable from the Feed as well as from the ‘full post view’.
  2. See Views (NEW)
    Post authors can now see how many times their posts have been viewed from the ‘full post view’ of each post.
  3. Bug Fixes/Minor Changes
    • Additional design changes to Main Menu notifications to simplify visibility.

Released 04/05/18:

  1. Member Search (NEW)
    Members can now find each other using our keyword full name search.
  2. Your Connections Feed (NEW)
    Members can now see a dedicated feed of posts and questions from the people they follow.
  3. Post Formatting (NEW)
    Members can now add formatting to their posts, questions, comments and answers – including titles, lists, and block quotes.
  4. Bug Fixes/Minor Changes
    • Comment button added to single item view to simplify commenting on long posts.
    • Success alerts are now displayed when following/unfollowing other members.
    • Community headers have been updated to provided better visual hierarchy and navigation.

Released 03/23/18:

  1. File Attachments (UPDATED)
    Members can now attach PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, Pages, Keynote and Numbers files to posts and questions.
  2. Add Teacher Communities (UPDATED)
    Community logos, descriptions, and basic statistics have been added to the Add Teacher Communities view.
  3. Bug Fixes/Minor Changes
    • Main menu has been visually redesigned.
    • Members now get visual feedback after profile changes.
    • Descriptions have been added to Profile edit/add views.
    • Fixed bug with Notifications list links not working.
    • Fixed a range of layout and functional bugs for Internet Explorer.

Released 03/08/18:

  • Feed Pagination (NEW)
    Infinite scrolling on feed pages has been removed to introduce context markers for members (i.e. the date range for posts on a page). “Previous” and “Next” buttons have been added to let members easily navigate feed pages. This change affects community feeds, member lists, sitewide searches, followers/following lists and profile post listings.
  • Local Timezones (UPDATED)
    Now all posts/questions/comments/answers in feeds and single item views adjust to a member’s local timezone settings on their device – which mirrors the current behavior of notifications.
  • Bug Fixes/Minor Changes
    • Members are redirected to the specific community feed after deleting a post in it.
    • URL links published in Community Headers and Profile Bios will now be hyperlinked automatically for members.

Released 03/01/18:

  • Followers/Following (NEW)
    All members can now follow each other, as well as see lists of people they follow, and people who are following them.
  • Impact Statistics (NEW)
    Members can now privately view the impact they are making on their profile when it is available – “Your contributions have been marked helpful X times by other members.”
  • Activity Statistics (UPDATED)
    Members can view general activity statistics about each other – date joined, last active, number of people following, number of followers, and total number of contributions to community.
  • Member Posts (UPDATED)
    Member Post Lists have returned – clicking on the total number of contributions on a profile displays a list of posts from that member that you are authorized to see.
  • Bug Fixes/Minor Changes
    • First member no longer missing from Member Directories
    • Guidance text on site wide search form
    • Uploaded images should display with the correct orientation
    • Back to Profile button on Edit Profile view
    • Create Post and Ask Question buttons now appear at the top of all community feeds

Released 02/15/18:

  • Community Member Lists (New)
    Members of partner communities can now see a list of other members who are also members.
  • Partner Communities (Update)
    Members of all communities can now see logo and description information (if supplied) at the top of their community feed pages.
  • User Profiles (Update)
    Members can now view biographical information, location, communities, teaching experience and education on all profiles – as well as edit their own information (including names, email addresses, and passwords).

Released 12/22/17:

  • In-App Notifications (New)
    Members now receive in-app notifications when new comments/answers are made on their posts/questions.  Members who Me-Too questions will also receive notifications for any new answers published.  The new notification count clears once a user visits their notifications page.
  • Site-Wide Search (Update)
    Member searches now include keyword results from comments and answers as well as the original post/question text.
  • Menu Navigation (Update)
    We’ve added a new way to add teacher communities from the main menu, as well as redesigned the menu layout to make it more intuitive for members.

Released 12/12/17:

  • Post Audience Settings
    Set the audience for new posts so only members of specific communities can see them. Find the audience button in the bottom left corner of the create post or question box.

Released 11/27/17:

  • Menu
    Access the “Create New Post” and “Ask a Question” buttons, your profile, your feeds, and the “Logout” button. The “Menu” button is always in the top right corner.
  • Profile Changes
    View and edit your personal information, education, and teacher communities in your profile.
  • New Feeds
    Join a teacher community to view a feed with only the posts from people in that community.
  • Search
    Search by keywords and see every post that includes your search terms. The Search button is always in the top left corner.
  • Helpful
    You can now mark comments and answers as helpful.
  • Improved Feed
    The feed will now remember where you were when you go back to it after viewing a post. It also loads faster!
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