Navigating TeachersConnect

TeachersConnect Community Page: Browse and search posts, questions, ideas, and stories from any teacher on TeachersConnect in this feed. Click “Create Post” or “Ask Question” to post to this community. Click on cards to see them in full view, where you can view and create comments and answers. Any posts and questions you create will be posted here (unless posting to a specific Teacher Community). To return to the TeachersConnect Community, click “Home” on the top yellow navigation bar, and under “My Communities”, click the “TeachersConnect” tile.

Top Navigation Bar: Click “Menu” to get access to your personal tools and resources to connect with other teachers on TeachersConnect. Click “Search” to search the Community Feed for posts and questions.

Menu: This sidebar houses all of your personal content. You may access your profile, notifications, as well as complete actions like creating a post, asking a question, and logging out. Under the “My Communities” space, you can access any Teacher Communities that you are a part of, and view posts from members in that community. You can also click on “TeachersConnect” under “My Communities” to return back to the TeachersConnect Community anytime. On mobile devices, slide your finger from the right edge of your device to the left edge to reveal the menu.

Search: Search keywords for posts and questions from the entire community. Search names to find members from the entire community.

Create a Post: Share an idea, resource, lesson, or story on TeachersConnect (this will be posted in the feed). They will be able to see your post in the feed and start a conversation by commenting on what you share. Attach up to 4 files to your post. (You may select another Teacher Community feed to post to by clicking the “Audience” button).

Ask a Question: Share a teaching question on TeachersConnect (this will be posted in the feed). Use the Anonymous switch to maintain your privacy when asking sensitive questions (your posted question will not show your name or profile picture, see below for more information). Attach up to 4 files to your question. Shorter questions are more likely to be read. (You may select another Teacher Community feed to post to by clicking the “Audience” button).

Profile: View your profile information: name, photo, number of people following, number of followers, and total number of contributions to community. Privately view the impact you are making in the community, such as the number of members who have marked your contributions as helpful. You can view other teachers’ profiles by clicking on their name when reading their posts, comments, or answers.

Edit Profile: Update your personal information, teaching experience, education, and about me. Add any teacher communities that you belong to as well.

Your Connections Feed: View posts and questions exclusively from the people you follow. This is located under “My Communities” in the Menu.

“Helpful” Button (Thumbs Up): Click to let a teacher know you think their post, comment, or answer was helpful.

“Same Here” Button (Raised Hand): Click to let a teacher know you feel the same way or have the same questions as them. After clicking “Same Here”, TeachersConnect will send you a notification when someone answers that question.

Answer Button: Click to type an answer to a teacher’s question.

Attachments Button: Click this while creating a post, question, or comment to add files or images.

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