Who is responsible for “bad” information or advice on TC?

We do not judge what is good vs. bad advice or information. TeachersConnect is a community for teachers that encourages discussion and the consideration of a range of ideas. What each teacher does with ideas or content they get from the site is his or her responsibility. Our philosophy is that uncovering “bad” information and having a healthy, positive, evidence-based discussion about it, results in a powerful learning experience–and is much better than disseminating “bad” information without any discussion.

We also recognize that there are very few absolute truths in teaching and learning, and we urge community members to be more curious than critical and to consider perspective, different classroom characteristics, and varied personal interests when joining a conversation.

If you see a post that you believe includes misinformation, we encourage you to respond to it by being positive, respectful, asking questions, and working hard to turn the discussion into a learning experience for you, the initial poster, and anyone else who is following along.

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