Could my principal or boss or instructor be on TeachersConnect?

Yes. Assume that anybody who works at a school or teacher preparation program could have an account. If you’re nervous about being judged on your contributions to TeachersConnect, we’ve got a few suggestions for you:

  • Post a question anonymously to the entire TeachersConnect network.
  • Keep your posts professional and respectful at all times:
    • Only mention individuals when you want to call out their accomplishments or victories.
    • Show that you’re a problem solver. If you have a complaint, turn it into a specific question or invitation for others to solve the problem with you. Ask yourself, “Is a teacher likely to respond to my post by sharing a resource, tip, or offer to collaborate?” If the answer is “no,” see if you can restructure your post.
    • Avoid venting. Yes, you’re a classroom teacher, and you’re faced with hundreds of challenging and potentially frustrating situations every week, but venting online can leave others feeling helpless. Share your challenges, describe your obstacles, and be honest–but make sure your language doesn’t alienate others.
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