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One is the Loneliest Number

What happens when you’re profoundly alone standing in a room full of people? by Marcel Ollmann

TeachersConnect is working with teachers on a user research project focusing on discovering what drives teachers in their daily lives and what challenges they experience in their professional careers. We have been performing this research primarily to inform our product development process—to ensure that we provide value and utility to teachers on a consistent basis.

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Teaching vs. Other Entry Level jobs

Understanding the Job Responsibilities of Teachers by Eliza Kano-Bower

The first job young college graduates accept after college is a big deal. It’s an accomplishment and a first step along a prospective career path. Every year, over 300,000 graduates choose to become teachers and enter their classroom for the first time. Many of them may not yet know it, but those teachers have chosen one of the hardest jobs any twenty-something can get.

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Are you Sinking, Swimming, or Surfing?

Learning to surf on the rough waves of education by Flo Berry

When completing my National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders (NPQSL) year I had to really reflect on what it was like to be a senior leader, including how effective I was in managing my own time, stress and sanity! I learnt very quickly that it is rare to have clear sailing, but by sitting back and reflecting on the times that were more challenging, I was able to analyze myself and learn to take action before things got out of hand.

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If it Feels Wrong, it’s Probably Not Right

Strategies for talking through gut reactions and creating change from a 22 year veteran teacher by Joy Kirr

Stepping into your classroom, possibilities for learning abound. How many bodies will you have looking at you? How can you lead them as best you can? It’s a lot of pressure. Although the students are your first concern, pressures from outside those four walls are on your mind, as well – paperwork, emails, parents, administration, coworkers… Everyone around us has ideas for how your classroom should be run. How can you insure your ideas don’t get lost in the mix?

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Playing Teacher: A look at imposter syndrome #IRL

Why do new teachers often feel like imposters? by Kristen Fleury

I had to change who I was the day I became a teacher.  I don’t mean that in the way you scold your friends for changing their personalities when they’re around their partners or people they want to impress.  What I mean is that the persona I put on every day at dawn needed to be different than the persona I slipped into for the past nine years of my life.

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