Downloading the App

Overview: To join the TeachersConnect community you must first download the TeachersConnect app. Use the following instructions to download it onto your phone.


  1. Navigate to your phone’s ‘app store’. If you have an iPhone that is the Apple store and if you have an Android phone that is the Google Play store.
  2. Press the ‘search’ icon and type ‘teachersconnect’ into the search box.
  3. Select TeachersConnect from the list. You should then see the yellow TC icon with the name ‘TeachersConnect’ next to it.
  4. Press the ‘Get’ or ‘Download’ button. Your phone may then require you to put in your Apple or Google password. TeachersConnect is a free app so don’t worry! Even if it asks for your password you won’t have to pay anything.
  5. Once the download is complete you are ready to create your account and join the community.
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